1. Tomvapor

    XF 2 Woltlab Suite 3.1 to XF 2 Migration

    Hey everybody, Im looking for help with migration from WBB 5 to XF2. Its not a big Community with 500+ Members and 1000+ posts. You can send me a PM with details and your offer. Thank you very much :)
  2. S

    Unmaintained WBB - Tagged Colored Users 1.0.0

    Show user Mentioned user name in the group color. BEFORE AFTER
  3. S

    Unmaintained WBB - New Notification 1.0.0

    Different way to show new messages and other notifications. Responsive. Body, text and icon animations. Advanced style options. Pc Mobile
  4. S

    Unmaintained WBB - Forum Social 1.0.0

    Social media widget tools for your site, use eleven different widget as you wish. Responsive. Vertical and horizontal styles. Eleven different design. Changing widget location. Enable or disable icons. Usergroup permissions. Different social media layouts... More future. Style One Style...
  5. S

    Unmaintained WBB - XenForo2 Pricing Tables 1.0.0

    Tüm güzel on adet farklı tasarım Kullanıcılarınıza forumunuzda özellikler tanıtmanın harika bir yolu. Fiyat tabloları, on farklı duyarlı tasarım. Ne istediğinizi seçin ve özellikleri ayarlayın. İstediğiniz üye grubuna gösterin. İstediğiniz amaç için kullanın. Widget ve hesap...
  6. S

    Unmaintained WBB - Popular Thread Widget 1.0.0a

    This add-ons lets you show your favorite thread in the desired position. You must enter the information for the threads. (Title, Description, Link, Image and Category...) Show in any location... User group permissions Change Image effects Loading animation Responsive design Hover Zoom...
  7. S

    Unmaintained WBB - Advanced Warning Notifications 1.0.0

    Add-on lets you show alerts at designated locations to display to selected user groups. Warning Locations 1- New Thread Open 2- Thread Reply 3- New Conversation Post 4- Conversation Reply 5- Registration Form 6- Content Reports 7- To be continued... Features: Responsive User Group Permissions...
  8. S

    Unmaintained WBB - XFRM Info Notice 1.0

    This add-ons is used to show notification within the XenForo resource manager. You can display at three different locations. 1-Resource Home 2-Resource Category Page 3-Resource View Features: Usergroup Permissions Turn on and off each notification individually Select body animation Select...
  9. S

    Unmaintained WBB - News Ticker 1.0

    The plugin allows you to show new thread in the forum header. Features Can change welcome message and descriptions. Animation speed setting. Show / hide mobile device setting. Supports hide / show add-on. Link and title color can be changed. Links and link headings can be changed...
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