version control

  1. Sim

    XF 2.0 Why isn't hashes.json written to filesystem?

    I use an automated deployment tool to push updates for my addons out to my staging and production servers directly from Git. However, the new hashes.json file generated for addons in XF2 is not written to the filesystem and is only found in the build release zip file. So my deployed addons...
  2. anvar

    XF 1.4 how to hide resource version side bar

    Any one know how to hide resource version @ sidebar? Thanks
  3. M

    Using Xenforo with 3 stage development environment

    We're looking to move to XF from VB 4.2. We currently use a deployment process based on Git and to move features/changes on our VB/WP hybrid site from the developer's local install, to our development instance, then to staging and finally production, syncing with and pushing/pulling...