user reports

  1. bzcomputers

    Add ability to upload image when replying to a report

    On occasion the ability to upload an image to a report is necessary. Currently the only option is to insert an image url, which is not very convenient. Sometimes image uploads, including screen shots, are very useful in replying to user reports to help or explain something to that user. Having...
  2. bzcomputers

    As designed No upload image option when replying to report

    When replying to a report and selecting "Insert Image" the only option is to insert by url. The option/ability to upload an image is not present.
  3. KnoxVegas

    Better Reporting for Users

    Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone know of some good reporting for xenforo via a plugin/addon? I would love to be able to see what users are active, or last activity on the forums, how many posts and so forth just by looking on the backend. Also maybe more reporting on the users? Does...