1. A

    Implemented Saving Attachments to a Different Directory

    Suggesting to have a configuration item to save attachments into a different directory such as a NAS drive.
  2. J

    Host images attachments on CDN or not?

    I have been playing with the S3 file adapter and it is working just fine. But the documentation only suggests servicing the "avatar images and attachment thumbnails" and JS via the CDN public link. Image attachments, which make up most of the data (not requests as avatars and thumbs see more...
  3. mlwebact

    Not a bug Xenforo AWS s3 don't work on xenforo v2.2.5

    I'm new to xenforo. I have a client and his website uses xenforo v2.2.5 and he asked me to set up aws s3 for him. I've followed this post but it is not working. Every time I set up it doesn't let me log in to the admin panel. Here is the config.php source code that I'm using: <?php...
  4. Sim

    Attachment Browser storage usage summaries

    It would be very useful to be able to view summaries of attachment storage used by user (filterable by type: post/attachment/etc) in the attachment browser or similar UI. Right now I can't see any way of determining: who is using all the storage how much they are using how that fits with their...
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