1. Fulgura

    Unmaintained Xenforo 2.2.13 Spanish translation COMPLETE (Include XF, XFMG, XFRM, XFI) 2.2.13

    Después de un periodo sin actividad y de que se borraran las anteriores traducciones por inactividad, ¡He regresado con una nueva traducción actualizada!.... ¡¡¡¡Y lo mejor, que es gratuita!!!! Por favor, deja una reseña con tu opinión Por supuesto, si encuentras algún fallo, contacta conmigo...
  2. Melvin Garcia

    Spanish Translation for XenForo 2.2.x [Paid]

    Melvin Garcia submitted a new resource: Spanish Translation for XenForo 2.2.x - Traducción hecha por el Equipo de XenForo Hispano Read more about this resource...
  3. Melvin Garcia

    Spanish Translation for XenForo 2.2.x 2.2.13

    Spanish translation of XenForo Community platform. Finally we can release the spanish translation for XenForo thanks to the work of the XenForo Hispano team, this is a complete update of the backend and frontend. More than 10K lines of code have been translated, I hope you like the...
  4. questlot

    XF 2.2 Forum Auto Translation Based on user location

    My forum language is in English and basically only users that speak English understand the content. Most often I get alot of instrested Spanish speaking members registering and posting in the forum (not spam). Am getting lot of traffic from Spanish countries also, please is there anyway the...
  5. J

    How can I get spanish language from Fulgura user?

    Hi all, I am trying to get spanish language but don't see the way how to contact the autor of this language package, any idea?
  6. Fulgura

    Unmaintained 🇪🇸 XenForo Importer 1.5.1 Spanish translation 1.5.1 and older

    Xenforo Importer 1.5.1 Spanish translation External link for all users. //// Enlace externo para todos los usuarios: Download and enjoy!
  7. Melvin Garcia

    Unmaintained Spanish Translation for the Resource Manager 1.2.2

    This is the official translation into Spanish of the resource manager's part of the XenForo Hispano team. Is possible that untranslated phrases but even is this debugging the translation and can be has escaped us any other phrase.
  8. Lucas

    Unmaintained XenForo Idioma Español 1.4.2

    Spanish XenForo translation created by Lucas. We're still working on the completion of the admin cp and a few missing phrases. Most of the front-end has been translated to be as intuitively as possible. --- Traducción al Español de XenForo creada por Lucas. Aún estamos trabajando en...
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