spam filtering

  1. mazzly

    Approval Queue Spam Link Highlighting 1.0.1

    When a thread/post/whatever gets caught in the spam phrase filters, it will also show a list of links that have been placed (as they can be hidden easily within e.g. commas or periods) Useful spam phrases: [url* http*
  2. DeltaHF

    Not a bug Email bans can be bypassed with sub-addressing and dots

    It is trivial to bypass XenForo email bans using sub-addressing (also known as "plus addressing") or, for some email providers such as Gmail, by inserting . dots between the local-part characters of the address. To reproduce: Ban Attempt to register a new account with...
  3. SparrowHawke

    Auto-spam detect/delete

    I have (in the past) volunteered as a "moderator" on a small Xen-Foro forum and one of the most time consuming tasks involved preventing copyright violations from being posted. It can be a real hassle especially when all a member has to do is open another window in their browser /// [CTRL-C]...
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