slow xenforo

  1. Prajwal Desai

    XF 1.5 Xenforo very slow after content migration

    Hi Everyone, My website and forums were hosted with godaddy on hosting that was at PHP 5.6. Recently i purchased a new hosting (PHP 7.1) and transferred all the content from old hosting to new hosting. Since then the forums is very slow, it takes 12 seconds for forums to launch and I am unable...
  2. Tim Jay

    Should I leave cpanel? General server optimization

    I have been using cpanel/whm on centos for years now and I would like to make a change. I'm a little tired of the apache /mysql combo as it seems to become sluggish as time goes on. Cpanel has always been nice and provides some decent tools here and there but I think it hogs too much of the...