1. Moshe1010

    Minus sign position in a question type post (RTL)

    It looks like the minus sign inside a question-type post is not in the right direction. It should be on the left of the number with RTL. I'm not sure if it happens in other places in the system where the minus sign is relevant.
  2. Moshe1010

    Not a bug Date-Month-Year is not RTL when selecting a date via the calendar

    1. Setup an RTL language via ACP 2. Pick a date in any calendar picker field across the system (e.g. Advanced Search) 3. The result is a reversed shown date which isn't RTL and also not as chosen in ACP date format preferences Thanks
  3. ibnesayeed

    Lack of interest Alternate Tag Separators

    Currently, only one form of comma character is being used as the tag separator when adding tags in a thread. However, there are a few variations of the comma character that are being used by one language or the other. While entering tags, it is very inconvenient to switch keyboard to use the...