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  1. BassMan

    [cXF] RSS Feeds for Single Nodes 1.1.1

    Description: Add RSS icon on forum list for every single node, on forum view next to forum title and customize them. *works great with our [cXF] Grid Nodes add-on Features: Show RSS icon on forum list Show RSS icon only on node hover Show RSS icon next to Node title Show RSS icon on top...
  2. Kevin

    Lack of interest Add support for parsing Media tags in RSS Feeder

    With RSS "media" tags now part of RSS 2.0 (, and is recommended by Google on how to handle media items (, and is becoming a lot more common in RSS feeds (like in YouTube channel feeds) then it'd be pretty...

    RSS Feeds

    Enable RSS on you're board: Check if webfeed is enabled on your forum in (the url of you're forum)/admin.php?options/groups/newsfeed/ After that it's time to add the navigation button: Go to "navigation" in the admin panel (the url of you're forum)/admin.php?navigation/ and click on "add...
  4. Kevin

    Fixed RSS Feed using wrong {title} value in template

    In XF 1.x when using {title} in the message template it would use the value from the RSS feed. In XF 2.x when using {title} in the message template it is using the value of the "Title template" if a value is present. If "Title template" is empty then it is using the value from the RSS feed as...
  5. BassMan

    Looking for alternative

    Hello everybody, will change their free plan to only 5 daily post per social media. I'm using them for a long time to post my RSS feeds to social networks. But now I need a good (free) alternative and will ask here if anyone knows. What about Hootsuite? Any other better alternative...