1. FoxSecrets

    XF 2.2 How to correctly link to an "Add New Item" page

    I need a button to the "Add New Item" page. So far I created the route and the button. Route type: Admin Route prefix: my-route Subname: new <xf:button href="{{ link('my-route/new') }}" icon="add">Add New Item</xf:button> But when I click on the button, it redirects to main page, no change...
  2. A

    XF 2.2 How to set multiple route Actions in the same Controller?

    Hi, I have problems understanding how to create 2 actions in the same controller. I need to save 2 routes in Admin for the 2 actions - right? For the first route I dont have anything specified and it resolves at actionPost. However, when I try to add another route in the same controller, I...
  3. Earl

    XF 2.2 help with implementing new XenForo content vote system to an add-on, build link, route

    I have vote_count and vote_score columns on my new suggestion entity's table which uses ContentVoteTrait;. Then again it calls static::addVotableStructureElements($structure); from the inside of public static function getStructure(Structure $structure){....} I don't know why these vote_count...
  4. B

    XF 2.1 redirecting old site urls to new urls by addon controller

    hi i need redirect my old site urls to new urls example : to i added a simple controller class oldtonew extends AbstractController { public function actionIndex(ParameterBag $params) { $url =...
  5. P

    XF 2.0 Help with routing parameter

    Hi, I have this routing configuration but when I visit the page I get this: Can someone help? Thanks!
  6. Sim

    XF 2.0 How to build canonical link to an admin route

    How can I generate a canonical link to an admin route using a template function in an email template? For example, in an admin template, {{ link('canonical:tools') }} generates the expected However, in an email template, it assumes a public route and...
  7. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Adding a parameter to route

    Hello! In post_macros template I am adding an action-link (near like link): <a href="{{ link('posts/best', $post, {'thread_id': $thread.thread_id}) }}" class="actionBar-action">Best answer</a> Next I extend XF\Pub\Controller\Post.php class and adding...
  8. SNK

    How to create a "double intParams" in a route ?

    Hello, Firstly, I'm French and sorry for my bad english. I want to create a route with two integer, exemple : But I can't do this, for the moment I have : My xenForo's Route ...
  9. Scharesoft

    How to get the current route in actionIndex of ControllerPublic?

    I'm creating an addon for our forum and there I need the current route. I created a new area with the url "tes". There will be sub areas like tes/skyrim or tes/oblivion. Now I need this route (skyrim or oblivion) in my actionIndex of the ControllerPublic php file. Route/Prefix file: class...
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