1. Nicolas FR

    XenForo Ressource Manager - FRENCH translation [Paid]

    Nikodak submitted a new resource: XFRM 2.2 FRENCH Translation - Full French translation for XFRM 2.2 Read more about this resource...
  2. Nicolas FR

    XenForo Ressource Manager - FRENCH translation 2.2.4

    🇫🇷 French translation of the official XenForo Ressource Manager add-on. Fully translated (ACP & Public view) Spelling and grammar verification, no word-for-word translation from google
  3. VanillaNeko

    Unmaintained French translation for XenForo Ressource Manager 1.2.3

    The XenForo Resource Manager is an add-on that allows you to manage files, downloads, and article-like content within your forum. Translation Presentation This translation is under a Creative Commons License. It means you can use it, modify it or release a new version based on it. Another...
  4. ModdyLP

    Add Ressource Editors

    Hello can you add in the next version, that ressources can be edited by other users, which the owner speciefied by creating the ressource? I mean that you can give other users access to edit your ressource. Best Regards ModdyLP