1. Anime-Fall

    Vbulletin Features [Does Xenforo have them?] Usergroup/Rank/Titles

    On Vbulletin admincp, there is the usergroup section, ranks section, and titles section. Basically i tend to use these and based on members posts # or reputation or a combination of both, the member rank gets upgraded. Example Can Xenforo 2.x do this ? and automatically update via crons
  2. rodnicho

    XF 1.0 Rank creation

    Hello, who can tell me if it is possible or not to create ranks ?? If yes, how ??
  3. JordanH

    RankUP Forum Ranks 1.1

    RankUp is a set of beautiful and elegant rank images set designed by KAMI as part of our exclusive KAMI Collection. The set includes the 6 images as seen above by default which include Banned Member Premium Member Moderator Global/Super Moderator Administrator The PSD file is also included...
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