push notification

  1. bzcomputers

    Push notifications require new user permission every time browser cookies are cleared

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or suggestion/request. It appears XenForo does not currently check for already existing browser push notification permissions, or if it does it is currently not working as it should. After clearing cookies on a browser when I log back into any XenForo based site...
  2. Kruzya

    Fixed Sticked submit row displays incorrectly in overlays if user don't closed notification about push notifications

    I'm too lazy for close this notification: He doesn't interfere. I never close him in any forum. On my board, i noticed that because of him, submit row in overlay window can display incorrectly:
  3. FrancescoL

    XF 2.2 Push Notification from watched

    Goodmorning everyone Push notification works only when someone comments or likes my content. But it doesn't work for me when someone opens content from a part of the forum that I watch. Which is fundamental for me. Do you know if XenForo has this feature as standard or should it be developed...