push notification failure

  1. Chromaniac

    Browser issue Some threads here fail to load on Vivaldi Android

    So, I understand that this is probably something connected to Vivaldi Android. I cannot replicate this on Chrome Android. I am just seeking feedback here from folks who might be using Vivaldi on Android devices. Example threads...
  2. red5goahead

    Browser issue xenForo with Brave browser. Push notification issue

    Is it possible to know if xenForo Push notifications working under Brave browser for Windows? I tried but it seems do not working. Push notifications works well under Brave browser on Android Note that Gmail or Telegram web push notifications works well
  3. vFranky

    XF 2.2 Push notification failure (wns2-par02p.notify.windows.com)

    Hello, is there any idea about Push notification failure "wns2-par02p.notify.windows.com"? Where can I turn it off? Kind regards, Frank
  4. Robru

    XF 2.1 ErrorException: Push notification failure: {"success":false,"endpoint":{},"message":"Client error: `POST https:\/\/db5p.notify.windows.com

    Server error log ErrorException: Push notification failure: {"success":false,"endpoint":{},"message":"Client error: `POST...
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