1. Nulumia

    Beta XFOptimize - Minify, Preconnect & Preload 1.0.1 Release Candidate 1

    XFOptimize speeds up your Xenforo forum and delivers pages faster, thanks to its powerful minification, preconnect and preloading features. By optimizing the page load process, you can shave precious time and improve your page speed scoring via Google or other services. Features: Minify &...
  2. Mouth

    Provide a preload.php file to be used with PHP 7.4+ opcache.preload directive

    PHP 7.4+ provides a php script preloading function with the opcache.preload directive. It requires a file, preload.php is commonly used, to provide a list of the php files to preload. From ... "PHP can be configured to preload scripts into...
  3. omds

    Lack of interest oEmbed - Load meta data after post external link - like Facebook, WordPress and co.

    If a link is posted it would be great to preload some data like title, picture and description.