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    Lack of interest Minimum Thread Title Length - Node Setting

    With the rise of social media we see more and more useless titles. 'question', 'help me', '???', 'hello', etc. It would be useful to be able to set a minimum thread title length per forum node. This way we can opt to enforce a minimum thread title length. This would allow us to increase the...
  2. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Prevent 'Wall of text' posts

    If you ask admins what their pet peeves are then 'Wall of text' posts is right at the top. Posts that have no punctuation or lines breaks are really hard to read, especially when it is a long text. So moderators need to go in and fix this. I suggest the following function to prevent the Wall...
  3. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Turn ALL CAPS POSTS into Sentence case.

    Over the years an ongoing annoyance is people who post with their caps locks on. Xenforo already addresses this for thread titles. But the main annoyance is posts. Please implement a function that turns posts with more than X characters and are completely higher case, into Sentence case...
  4. Alpha1

    How do you stop members from posting walls of text?

    There is nothing stopping or correcting members posting walls of text. To many people such walls of text are simply unreadable or very annoying. So how do you avoid this? Does this need an addon to be developed?
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