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  1. jazz_aaf

    Unmaintained [Jazzaaf] Popular Content 1.0.0

    In xenForo 1, we used an addon ( WDB Popular Content ) to show the most popular content in our forum (i.e. most replied threads, most liked threads, etc.). Unfortunately, the addon developer did not update the resource to work with XF2. So, we developed this addon to replace the old one. It...
  2. Mystinen Metsätyömies

    Add-on Popular Content navigation tab

    I have used the WDB Popular Content add-on on my other XenForo forum (v. 1.4) and I have liked it very much. Unfortunately it seems that it isn't compatible with my other XenForo 1.5 forum. (I don't exactly know, I haven't tried, but I suppose it is incompatible). Here's the demo for this...