1. Sim

    MG 2.0 GDPR and XFMG

    @Slavik and @Chris D ... curious to hear your thoughts on how photos (and thus the XenForo Media Gallery) are impacted by GDPR laws. My thoughts are that a random photo of someone without any other personally identifiable data is unlikely to cause an issue and it is certainly impractical to get...
  2. B

    Lack of interest Preserve EXIF info in attachments (ImageMagick)

    Hello, When Xenforo calls ImageMagick (PECL version, fwiw), it calls the 'thumbnailImage' function instead of resizeImage (or adaptiveResizeImage). (resizeImage is only used by Xenforo for Scaling Up) This can be seen in the php file \upload\library\XenForo\Image\ImageMagick\Pecl.php: foreach...
  3. G

    Add-on Photo Wall

    I'm looking to have a "photo wall" made, that displays the latest (public) images added to the XMG as un-cropped images. I also want this to be published as a RSS feed. I'm also looking for a RSS feed of the latest members.
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