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  1. biafraland

    XF 2.2 PDF Attachment Permission Control for Non Admins

    Hello, I'd like to know if there's a way to set custom permission for moderators such that - they can add attachments to threads but can't delete them. To explain this further, I'll make a little description below: The Issue: My forum has threads that are updated from time to time with...
  2. tomwood

    XF 2.1 How to count the number of times a PDF in a widget is opened?

    I offer a free sample of one of my books via a PDF. The PDF is offered in both a regular forum thread and also in a widget - public sidebar. The forum thread doesn't open the PDF in a PDF reader, but does keep count of the number of downloads. The advantage of using a widget to offer a free...
  3. Steff

    XF 1.5 PDF files

    I've browsed through the support pages and can't see what I'm trying to achieve so please excuse the question. I have created a page and intend to place children pages within the first page (i.e main page and a menu down the side for each page that is added). This I've done already. What I'm...
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