1. bzcomputers

    Who has enabled PHP JIT? Have you seen benefits with XenForo code or others code bases like Wordpress?

    PHP JIT was introduced in PHP 8.0 but there really isn't much out there on performance benefits above OPcache itself other than few benchmark tests over the last 4 years showing a minimal increase in performance when paired with OPcache. Four years later and JIT is on the cusp of an upgrade in...
  2. Mouth

    Lack of interest Provide a preload.php file to be used with PHP 7.4+ opcache.preload directive

    PHP 7.4+ provides a php script preloading function with the opcache.preload directive. It requires a file, preload.php is commonly used, to provide a list of the php files to preload. From https://www.php.net/manual/en/opcache.preloading.php ... "PHP can be configured to preload scripts into...
  3. S

    Xenforo on load balance with opcache

    Hi, We're using a number of Windows 2019 IIS10 servers for a HTTP load balance. All files are retrieved from a single SMB server, so all files are the same for all nodes. We're also using Wincache (only for file system cache) & Opcache. My question is this: on previous applications that we...
  4. Q

    XF 1.5 How can I use APCu and PHP OPcache?

    Hello, installed PHP 7 with Zend OPcache support and APCu as user cache. My question: How can I use APCu? If I add this to my config.php I get an error message (An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.): $config['cache']['enabled'] = true; $config['cache']['backend'] = 'Apc';
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