1. Allan

    Unmaintained Timeline of XenForo releases and official add-ons

    Timeline of XenForo releases and official add-ons __________________________________________________________________ I find it interesting to have a history of the release dates of XenForo versions and official add-ons. So I may have made a mistake or I may have omitted something, if so...
  2. Dadparvar

    More Official add-ons

    Hi, There are a few facts: Official add-ons are more trusted than 3rd party add-ons Normally Official add-ons are alive whenever Xenforo itself is alive. Official add-ons are updated as far as Xenforo is updated. Official add-ons are 100% supported and all their features are 100% integrated...
  3. ibnesayeed

    Implemented Extract Core Importers as an Official Add-on

    XenForo 1.x ships with many built-in importers and they are present in every install of the software. However, this component of the software is never utilized for fresh installs and it is used only once for those who migrate from an exiting forum software, from there it just sits idle. That...
  4. Kintaro

    Multiple Instances of Resource Manager

    If Resource Manager could have independent multiple instances, 3rd party addons could extend only a specific instance. For example in a single installation of xenforo we could have: an addon that extend an instance of RM to a Shop an addon that extend an instance of RM to a Classified System...
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