1. janslu

    Implemented nofollow links evolve to ugc

    Google has announced expansion of rel="nofollow" link standard to contain more detailed rel="ugc" for User Generated Content. This may also be combined with existing nofollow - to be rel="ugc nofollow". I think this may be a good addition to external links in posts at some point in time...
  2. P

    XF 2.0 Insert Image Nofollow or Dofollow

    What if member created post and they included image from other source for example imgur. So the image link will be nofollow or dofollow?
  3. L

    XF 2.0 I want to insert nofollow for @user

    I want to insert nofollow for @User EX: @User12321 is a dofollow link, I want to insert rel="nofollow" Thank you!
  4. AlexL777

    XF 2.0 How can I work for Admin Links with noFollow Attribute

    Hello Community, With Xenforo 2.0.1 there is a possibility with the noFollow attribute on all external links. In the ACP I find no such option where I can adjust that. I would like to post in the forum any external link NoFollow attribute. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.
  5. LanceBase

    NoFollow Links In Staff Posts [Deleted]

    LanceBase submitted a new resource: NoFollow Links In Staff Posts - Force a "nofollow" attribute for specified links made by Staff members. Read more about this resource...
  6. StarArmy

    Smart Nofollows

    I had an idea that I'll throw out there for any mod author looking for ideas: An add-on that affects link parsing: If the site has good pagerank, link with a follow link If the site is bad pagerank, rel=nofollow the link If the site is a bad neighborhood/shady site, do not parse the link...