1. jilly

    how can i restrict the newsfeed to logged in members only?

    is there a setting for what usergroups can or cant see the newsfeed?
  2. Alpha1

    Global Newsfeed (recent-activity) Filters & Compact Mode

    The XF Global Newsfeed (recent-activity) is really great as it shows all new content from any content type. But IMHO it's too chaotic to become popular. By providing no way to filter between useful data and irrelevant data people are just not using it. Please add a way to filter...
  3. Alpha1

    XF 1.5 How to change avatar size in newsfeed?

    I would like to make the newsfeed more compact and orderly. I applied various changes through extra.css Currently the newsfeed uses a 48 x 48px avatar size. I would like to change this to 36 x 36px I tried setting this height for .event .avatar, .event .icon but that only reduces div height but...
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