1. Johnn Four

    RM 2.1 Some basic questions

    Hi, Just getting my feet wet with Resource Manager. I'm looking to offer members exclusive articles. Is there a way I can change the look and feel of articles versus the other parts of the site? For example, changing font face and size, content area width, content area background colour, etc...
  2. Steel Hyaena

    Still very frantic.

    I'm doing what I can to go through the various 'how-to's' I see on the assorted forums, and I am stull really at a loss as to how to do things. I am a beginner that knows barely any HTML and CSS. I learn best by doing, but that hasn't been working for me under these circumstances. Can someone...
  3. adwade

    What brought you to XenForo?

    As a prospective XenForo buyer, I'm wondering how other folks ended up using XenForo? While I have not (yet) ended up here, I have spend a considerable amount of time over the last week researching the software's out-of-the-box capabilities, as well as which MODs can add what features. So that...
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