mysql database

  1. gforce

    XF 2.0 MSQL Error

    Team, I really tried to do as much research as I could (2 days of forums, googling and etc). I went into phpadmin and tried to hunt this down, but cannot find it. I'm use to VB so the learning curb has been quite difficult. Would you have any idea on where to start? XF\Db\Exception: MySQL...
  2. Anhava

    XF 2.0 Script which needs to be convert addon?

    I have script what pulls information from API clients to database and that script contains almost 2000 articles and then takes frequently updated data from database columns to the script pages. It use's many vendors @composer tool. I'm just wondering how should be the easiest way to convert...
  3. Neutral Singh

    Composition of MySql Forum Database

    My forum's database has reached 2GB... but lately it is increasing at an alarming pace where as i have not noticed any significant jump in activity over a long period of time... Is there a way to see, what comprises of the database... like how much is the size of the images etc. Is there a...
  4. cjesuele

    Massive XF_SEARCH_INDEX - Help - Search Function Not Needed

    Hello! My site's index.php (basically runs XenForo) is intermittently running extremely high CPU usage, which locks up my site for a minute or so. I have disabled XenForo's user-based search function, as I don't need that functionality on my site. XF_SEARCH_INDEX is by far my largest...
  5. SuchMuch

    Large Size of MySQL Database

    Hi, My forum consists of: Members: 69 Discussions: 231 Messages: 1,714 MySQL database size is 347,7 Mb It seems to me the MySQL database size is too large. What should be done to keep it optimized?