1. QuestionReply

    How do I migrate from MyBB 1.8.14. forum to XenForum 2.0.1

    I am here because I am in love with XenForo. I was thinking to migrate my forum from MyBB 1.8.14. forum to XenForum 2.0.1. Let me kindly inform that I have don't have XenForum Script as of now but I am thinking to purchase one, provided there is an option to migrate without losing data and...
  2. tab0reqq

    Merge XF forum as anothers subforum?

    Hi there folks, Let me specify my needs. So far I have a forum: (about Starbound game) - to be exact (cause I use portal plugin). I want to: 1) Make another multi-game site: 2) Make Wordpress blog on main domain. 3) Start new XF...
  3. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Moving posts to a new topic?

    Hi, I'm exploring moving thousands of posts from a topic (forum), to a new forum/topic. What should I search for here? Thanks! Andre
  4. Main Company

    Merge Conversations into Threads?

    I have a rather lengthy Conversation that I would like to merge into an existing thread, or simply move to a forum. Is this possible? I realize I did not post this in the Add-on forum, but are there any add-on solutions that addresses this issue, assuming there is no way to accomplish this via...
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