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  1. truonglv

    Automatically move threads 1.0.6

    Key Features: Move Threads in Specific Forums: The "Automatically move threads" add-on can be configured to move threads only from specific forums or categories. This feature can help to keep discussions organized and ensure that threads are posted in the most appropriate location. Move Only...
  2. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Moving posts - thread starters not getting alerts

    When we move posts on my forum, we rely upon the "Notify thread starter of this action" check box to ensure that the thread starter gets a notification alert. However, no alerts are being sent. We've verified this with a few users. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. N

    XF 1.4 How to mass-select threads in a node?

    Is there an option to select threads in a forum node at once? I want to move threads to another node streching to 33 pages... and i have to select threads in each page manually... please advice.
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