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  1. bzcomputers

    Issue with noindex meta tags being inconsistent with sitemap inclusion/exclusion options

    There are inconsistency issues in XenForo setting noindex meta tags for pages that have sitemap inclusion/exclusion options. Example 1 - Tags: A. Turn tags off: tag page shows no permission notice, but it does not include the noindex meta tag (not expected for a non-content notice page)...
  2. nocte

    SEO: Should we remove the board title at the end of the "title" meta tag?

    This is from the PAGE_CONTAINER template: <title><xf:title formatter="%s | %s" fallback="{$xf.options.boardTitle}" page="{$pageNumber}" /></title> As a result the board title (as defined in the admin options) is displayed at the end of the meta-title, so e.g. This is a thread title |...
  3. bzcomputers

    Not a bug Page Title / og:title / twitter:title incorrect on main Resources Page

    Title / og:title / twitter:title on main resources page is incorrect. Title currently only states "Site Name". Should state "Resources | Site Name", this would keep inline with what Media Gallery does. og:title / twitter:title currently states "Site Name". Should state "Resources", this would...
  4. P

    Not a bug Meta Descriptions Contain New Line Characters

    It seems like meta descriptions are being pulled straight from the thread description without any new line characters being removed etc, which is causing the meta descriptions to look a little weird. Is this intentional or just something that wasn't taken into account? I've looked into...
  5. Nulumia

    Add-on A Look At The Upcoming Public Release of SEO & Index Tools

    I'd like to offer an in depth look at the upcoming public launch of SEO & Index tools, an extremely powerful addon which has been in development for over a year. One important disclaimer: Author's Note I have been working in the SEO space for over 10 years, with much experience in contractual...
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