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  1. xSean

    XF 2.1 Members Online separated by UserGroup

    Trying to have "Members Online" completely replace "Staff Online" and running into an issue. While I can have it split up each row by group, what I now am trying to get it to do is label each row properly. By default it lists all members as "Members" by using: <h4 class="block-textHeader...
  2. R

    Fixed Members Online Widget Maximum usernames Bugs

    Members Online Widget has two bugs per the documentation: Per the comment below Maximum usernames, a "'... and X more' link is added to terminate the list", however this doesn't actually occur when the list exceeds the maximum usernames (no '...and X more' link is displayed) Per the comment...
  3. W

    XF 1.5 'Members online', 'New posts'... not showing in my forum. Are they shown by default?

    Hi , I guess these widgets are shown by default but I can't find how to add them to mine. Sorry of it seems a dumb question but I have looked at Home > options, Style properties and didn't see any place where to easily add them. If it involves adding code to a particular template, can you tell...
  4. Kevin

    XF 1.5 Any logs that track Members Online errors?

    Lately I've been noticing the Member's Online page showing "(Error)" for different users. I suspect they might be 404 errors from merged/deleted threads but is there any way of finding out for sure what those errors are? Are they being logged in any of the XF logs anywhere?
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