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  1. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Pin Profile Status Update (sticky profile post)

    Profile posts tend to get messy when there is a lot of activity on a profile. For example if you post an important status update on your profile this may get buried by profile posts by other members. I suggest to add a function to pin a profile post to the top. i.e. sticky the profile post...
  2. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Open Profile Picture in Overlay

    Currently if you go to a profile and click on the profile picture then you are sent to a different page. i.e. This page has no navigation. There is no way to get to another page. It doesn't look like xenforo. It would be much more...
  3. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Post profile field changes as profile-status posts so members can react and comment

    When you change your job or social status on Facebook, then this causes a post on your timeline, which others can react and respond to. I think it would be nice to have similar functionality on xenforo profiles. The admin would need to set which fields, cause status updates if changed. If the...
  4. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Post profile statuses with colorful backgrounds

    On Facebook you can add a background image to your text post. Explanation here: To liven up our profiles, it would be nice to have the same feature. Here's how it could work: Add a...
  5. Alpha1

    Lack of interest 'Add Content' button on profile

    On my profile I can see an overview of my content. For example media or resources. But its not possible to post new content from the same page. This confuses members. It would be intuitive to have a button that would allow you to post media if you are looking at the media tab. Or resources if...
  6. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Display Number of reports on Profile Statistics

    My members are asking me for the number of accepted and rejected reports to be displayed on profile statistics. This allows them to see if the reports they submit are useful or not. We give trophies & promotions for valid reports done and as a result we have a large number of members helping...
  7. Alpha1

    Lack of interest 'Like' a profile field

    If members would be able to Like a profile field, then this would be used a lot. For example. Member X starts a new job and sets their occupation to 'XenForo Addon Developer' Member Y and member Z like this. It would enhance the social aspect of XenForo. Similarly I think the same would be...
  8. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Display number of reports about this member

    If the sidebar block in a report would also display the number of previous reports about the member, then it would be easier to spot problematic users. If this would also be displayed on profile and member card, then this would make things easier for moderators.
  9. Toshi

    301 Redirection

    Is it possible to redirect Member Profile URL to Login Page, Please Share Suggested Links.