1. Tony Cossio

    XF 2.2 Post Macros Question

    I have a line of code which I am using in post_macros to separate the reactions. Instead of three reactions it shows all of them separated with a counter; <xf:foreach loop="$post.reactions" key="$reactionID" value="$reaction"><xf:trim> <li><xf:reaction...
  2. DeltaHF

    XF 2.1 Template conditionals not working as expected in macro

    I want to show unique content in the header of different "new post" widgets. I want to use a macro to do this, but it's not working as expected. I am calling the macro like so from the widget_new_posts template: <h3 class="block-minorHeader"> <a href="{$link}" rel="nofollow">{$title}</a>...
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