live refresh

  1. X

    Live Content 1.2.3

    Polls the server for new content, and adds them to the existing list of posts/messages. Updates alert & conversation totals along the way. This add-on tries to only use a single poller across multiple tabs for the same thread/conversation, and a single poller for grabbing user alerts &...
  2. DevTech

    Live Thread

    Did xenforo has live thread functionality where when a user click live thread then he can get post of that thread in real time and he can reply those posts in real time as well means no need to refresh the page again and again. Ajax functionality I think. Is this feature availabke in xenforo...
  3. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Live refresh / Spy for New Posts block

    It would be very useful to have the new posts sidebar block refresh, so that users do not need to refresh the page to see what's new. Not only is this useful, it also gives a interactive and modern feel on the main forum index.
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