1. PhilCanavan

    Add-on OpenXBL For XF 2.1

    I have spoken to the guys behind OpenXBL and they have give me permission for this* OpenXBL For XF2.1 What started as a project getting it working for my site grew to accomodate all those looking for an Xbox Leaderboard. I still run XF2.1 hence why it was made to work with that. With help...
  2. RobinHood

    Are there any add ons to record lap times forum members achieve on a track IRL?

    I'd like something where as and admin I can add various race tracks. Add some photos and a description. Then when we have events I can input the lap times for any members that show up on a given day and associate it with the type of race equipment their using, so we can rank users that all use...
  3. D

    Add-on Game add on with leader board

    Hi, on my forum, we are looking to have a olympics themed competition. What I'm looking for is a game add on that allows users to play games, them a score is logged and displayed so others can see and the try and beat? can anyone help please?
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