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lancebase addon

  1. LanceBase

    Auto Watch Thread and Forum on Registration 1.0

    Commissioned by @LanceBase https://www.lancebase.com/ Motivate forum activity with this powerful community engagement tool. About: This add-on automatically subscribes new users to specific forums and/or threads during registration. Features: Auto Watch Forum. Send notification for: New...
  2. LanceBase

    NoFollow Links In Staff Posts

    LanceBase submitted a new resource: NoFollow Links In Staff Posts - Force a "nofollow" attribute for specified links made by Staff members. Read more about this resource...
  3. LanceBase

    Unmaintained NoFollow Links In Staff Posts 1.0.0

    Note: Unmaintained, but we'll try to provide assistance if needed. Originally commissioned by @LanceBase, https://www.lancebase.com/. About: With XenForo, external links are rel="nofollow" by default, unless from a staff member (Admin/Mod). This Add-on forces rel="nofollow" for specified...