job manager

  1. Napalm_beach

    XF 2.1 DROP command denied to user

    I've got an error in my admin CP that indicates the mysql user must have a DROP table command available. Before I activate that I want to make sure this requirement is a legit part of maintaining the forums and not some script kiddie trying to ruin my life. Thanks for your help...
  2. Sim

    Fixed Bug: Cron Job runner generates infinite loop in some circumstances

    While developing a new version of my CLI JobRunner with enhanced functionality beyond that provided by the core xf:run-jobs command, I kept coming across random periods where the code ran indefinitely until some other limit was reached, consuming large amounts of CPU while doing so. After...
  3. Sim

    Fixed xf:run-jobs may never stop

    The current logic for the xf:run-jobs command may in some circumstances see the task never stop - or at least run for longer than the server cron period. do { $jobManager->runQueue($manualOnly, $maxRunTime); // keep the memory limit down on long running...
  4. Sim

    Lack of interest Implement Serializable in \XF\Phrase

    In one of my addons I am sending data to an external system by generating a Job with an array of data which can be sent asynchronously (and retried if sending fails!). The array data contains phrases, which causes problems when the Job Manager attempts to serialize the data. \XF\Phrase already...