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  1. fahad ashraf

    Pack of two addons (Url Blocker & Link External Images) 1

    Link External Images: This addon blocked images from external resource and convert images display as url unless add image source in white list see below image URL Blocker: This addon block user to post specific url in post , conversation and signature . user can add any domain in blocker...
  2. Eagle

    Sql query to replace broken images by certain date

    Hi there. The most common result is that links are broken, and images or entire pages don't load properly. Therefore I want to remove IMG BB code from all images until a certain date. As you can see in the below example between the years 2000 and 2015. Now we need to make a following SQL query...
  3. G

    MG 1.1 Image sizes served with link

    How does the media gallery serve images in different sizes? both internally and externally (with link)? Does it make smaller images that can be fetched when possible or does it always load up the largest image?