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  1. rfc0001

    Twitter validator does not accept valid Twitter URL

    When entering a Twitter identity, the Twitter Validator does not accept a valid Twitter user URL like the Facebook validator does. You have to just enter your username. Shouldn't these two validators work consistently?
  2. rfc0001

    Awaiting feedback Facebook Validator does not allow - characters

    If you enter a Facebook Page with "-" characters for your Facebook Identity you get error: However, "-" are valid characters for Facebook Pages.
  3. Alfa1

    XF 1.5 How do I remove Identities from profile?

    I would like to remove identities from the 'Information' tab on profile. (ICQ, FB, Twitter, etc)I don't want to remove identities from accounts. How do I hide this? Is there some css I can add to extra.css or a template edit I can create?