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guest upgrades

  1. adaaaam

    XF 1.5 Dynamic Post New Thread button based on subforum

    Hi, I would like to create a Post New Thread button for guests and members to click at the top of https://mturkers.org/forum/f/mturk-scripts/ but with the text Post New Script instead (only for this subforum). As a guest, the button would lead to the login/registration page, redirecting to a...
  2. adaaaam

    XF 1.5 Add Post Reply button to Guest view of thread

    Hi, How would I add a Post Reply button to threads viewed by guests that when clicked, opens the login page where they can choose to register, and redirects to a reply editor? (I do not want guest posting, just the button to appear for guests to login or register) Thanks!
  3. Sadik B

    PemBer - Professional Paid Membership Plugin 1.5.5

    Setup Paid Membership Forum with XenForo in minutes! PemBer is a professional Paid Membership plugin for serious Entrepreneurs, who want a no-stress solution which just works, to setup a paid membership forum in minutes. Are you thinking of adding a paid forum to your Blog? Or Do you already...