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guest posting

  1. AddonsLab

    Guest Posting by AddonsLab 1.2.1

    Add-On Information The add-on allows guests to create threads/posts replies, and register after they have posted the content. This makes posting on your forums attractive, but handles spam message and invalid registrations automatically by periodically deleting all messages posted by guests, who...
  2. SneakyDave

    [SolidMean] Chat Markenator for Siropu Chat 1.0.1

    DESCRIPTION The Chat Markenator is an extension of Chat by Siropu which enables the ability to mask shout messages with a replacement character, such as an asterisk. Options exist to choose the replacement character, and which buzzwords/keywords shouldn't be masked. XenForo usergroup permissions...
  3. anmol dubey

    Guest posts not coming for moderation

    I just switched my board to allow guest posting, but these posts are not coming to mods for moderation. How can I enable it? Follow moderation rules is set to allow for guests user group.