forum ban

  1. X

    Forum reply ban by Xon 1.0.5

    Allows banning users from replying (or optionally viewing) a forum. Can issue these forum bans when issuing a warning, as well as a per-forum control. Use the free Thread reply ban teeth add-on to block non-reply actions for forum reply bans Addon requirements If any of the following at...
  2. CTXMedia

    XF 1.5 Any way to issue a timed sub-forum ban?

    Does anyone know how to - or know of a resource that can - issue a temporary timed sub-forum ban for say 24 or 48 hours? I have a sub-forum that gets very heated and I'd like to be able to "sin bin" individuals who get too carried away and exclude them from only that specific sub-forum for a...
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