1. M

    Attachment option doesn't works on Firefox mobile

    I let yuo know that the attachment function (to add attachments) inside the posts isn't working on the mobile version of Firefox. How this can be fixed? Thanks in advance
  2. Unique Username

    Unmaintained Using Chrome/FireFox custom search engine to search your forums.

    Hi everyone, I was recently introduced to a feature where you can simply type a keyword and search a site for a particular query using Google Chrome. Being a Firefox fanatic I wanted to use this feature with my browser but it proved a bit challenging to configure. However, after a bit of...
  3. Oblivion Knight

    Duplicate Screen resizing issue with Froala editor on FireFox

    Stumbled upon this completely by accident.. :oops: Steps to Replicate: Place the cursor within the editor. Hold Ctrl + Left mouse button. Drag to the left or right and try to highlight some text. Using: FireFox Quantum 66.0.2 (64-bit) This does not appear to happen using Chrome.
  4. The Dark Wizard

    Fixed Can't post on Firefox iOS

    Hey, So after it being brought to me by several of my members, I realized that iOS Firefox stopped allowing me to post on xf sites. Here's a screenshot of what the editor looks like from a random thread I picked here at All the editor buttons I can see while on safari are...
  5. N

    Add-on Display Notice based on User's Internet Browser Version

    I would like to display a notice, advising my users to upgrade to the latest version of their internet browsers (Chrome/FireFox/Safari/IE/all), only if they are using an older version of that browser. Thank you
  6. Scharesoft

    Error with the Flash Uploader in Firefox

    The flash uploader for files is broken with Firefox 38.0.5. When trying to upload an image on my XenForo this error appears: If I disable the option "Use Flash Uploader" the normal upload works. With Chrome or Opera the flash uploader is working. I hope there is a solution for this bug. I...
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