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  1. F

    RM 2.2 Resource Upload Size

    Somewhere I'm missing the boat... Can someone point out what I must be missing? Trying to upload a 17MB file to Resources Max attachment size is set to 40,000KB Getting this error.
  2. iCode

    Unmaintained [iCode] Show File Size And Extension 2.1.1

    Description: This add-on show/hide resource file size and extension. Features: user group permissions to show/hide. Screenshots: Show file size and extension Group permissions Installation: Copy the contents of the folder "upload" to your forum Go to your xenForo admin control panel...
  3. Asser

    Display File Size

    I have suggestion to show file size as screenshot
  4. Mr Lucky

    Lack of interest Permissions for attachment type and storage quota

    I would like: Type of file to be permission based. maximum quota of uploads to be permission based So for example: Usergroup X can upload PDF, but group Y cannot Usergroup X has a maximum allotted storage space of 50MB, group Y omly 5MB This would be quite an incentive for paid user...
  5. Mr Lucky

    RM 1.2 Error after uploading large resource

    I wonder if there a maximum size that overrides what is set in options? I want a resource to have a large download, (80MB zip file) I have set the file size in options to be 100000 and added .zip to allowed extensions. Yet I get an error after uploading. Can anyone help please? Thanks
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