external database

  1. N

    XenForo include search from external php/mysql web app?

    Hi, is it possible to perform search from XenForo, but include search results from external php/mysql web app? Any API calls or Add-ons available for that? Thank you.
  2. A

    Unmaintained External Key system 1.1.0

    This addon allows the integration of an external database for redeeming keys so that users can automatically give themselves roles. This addon has been in closed beta testing for over a year. Update 1.1.0: Check if all entered datanbak connection information is correct Possibility to limit an...
  3. Penguinexpert1

    Please add support for external Database authentication

    Hi there, I have an external PHP site that I would like to integrate with XenForo. It would be nice if XenForo could use the database that I already have (passwords stored with bcrypt), by being told which fields to lookup for certain functions. For example, IPB (Invision) offers this...
  4. makemp2014

    create a page from an external database

    Hello, I am creating an leaderbord for our Minecraft server, I am curious to know what is the bets to create one. In other words I want to how toe create a page with information from an external MySQYL database. So far I tried with no luck I am afraid. Greetings, Michiel aka makemp2014
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