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  1. ActorMike

    Lack of interest Scheduled Time- Email Users

    Three years ago, I suggested this feature. Since then, Facebook/Instagram and Twitter all integrated this function. For busy people or just synching, it would be nice to be able to schedule the newsletter to be sent at a future time/date. Since it has been three years and other platforms do this...
  2. Gene Steinberg

    Send Email to Expired User Upgrades....

    I'd like to use the Email Users feature, but limit it only to those whose member upgrades have expired. I cannot see any possible way to do that under User Criteria. I don't want to contact people who never upgraded their memberships; this is a targeted mailing. Just expired. Am I overlooking...
  3. ActorMike

    Lack of interest Throttle SMTP Emailing Users like PHP Does

    I've noticed the PHP email users function sends in batches while the SMTP blasts them all out quickly. Is there a way you can throttle the sending of messages on SMTP like the PHP mail current does?
  4. ActorMike

    Lack of interest Schedule the "email users" time

    I think it would be nice to be able to schedule the email to users for a future date/time. I really like being able to sent a test mail before the official one BTW.
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