1. jca

    When will the Xenforo 2 Manual be finished?

    As a new user, I'm learning how Xenforo 2 works. Obviously these public forums are a valuable resource and I appreciate all the info/help offered by other users here. But I was surprised to see how incomplete and unfinished the Xenforo 2 Manual documentation seems to be. There are entire...
  2. ForestForTrees

    What does "unmaintained" mean for a resource?

    There is an addon that I'd like to use, but it is marked as unmaintained. Someone listed the Addon, Back to the Top, by MattW, as one of their favorite addons on Monday, though: What does "unmaintained" mean? In...
  3. Zimply

    Add-on Addon Documentation Helps your Customers

    I've been using several custom add-ons on my XF installation and one thing keeps bothering me. Everytime I purchase and install an add-on, it creates several user group permission options and several admin options which is per design and very helpful. What bothers me is the lack of documentation...