1. Stylesfactory

    Beta Ultimate Stats Widget 1.0.0

    Ultimate Stats Widget was created to change the way that basic stats are displayed. With many options you can make it fit your theme. To make it work, just install and add as widget to area you want to. Recommended is to set it somewhere below forum nodes.
  2. PageT

    XF 2.2 Attachments not displaying or linking after posting

    Having a strange issue: Can upload multiple attachments to a post (images or otherwise eg: zip) . Uploader shows them no problem but upon submitting the attachments don't show up at all. Only editing the post will display the attachments that have been uploaded. Not a problem to insert them...
  3. Will Franco

    XF 2.1 [Problem] Frontend Display of Private Nodes to Unregistered / Unconfirmed Users

    Why is the thread count displaying as 0 and message count displaying as 0? Node set to private. Unregistered / Unconfirmed have permission to view the node. Nodes with subform display the thread and message count incorrectly as 0 when the count shouldn't be displayed. Nodes without...
  4. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Confessionals 2.1.2 Patch 1

    This add-on allow to You want to repent, admit fault, sin, or worse. View demo Features: Upload attachments in confessions Post as anonymous or guests or identified (Only confessions). Tag System Approval, Report, reaction, alert, inline-mod and warn system (Confessions and comments)...
  5. D

    Other Display a Random Logo

    Hi, I'm wanting a Random Logo, I have the script just don't know how to add it in the header, it's a PHP file. Does anyone know how to get the PHP file to work in a template/callback as it wont work under the Logo URL or template (PAGE_CONTAINER) I'm willing to pay for this, if needed - As I...
  6. VanillaNeko


    Hello, I think it would be nice to review the posting of categories. It would be nice to have the categories display in tile mode and have as information the name of the category and the number of media available in the category. Like this example: Do not hesitate to give your opinion...
  7. electrogypsy

    XF 1.5 notices will not display linked text

    Hey everyone, I'm having a slight problem with the notices on my board. They seem to work fine for the most part, but when I try to link text to a thread that whole portion of the notice disappears entirely. Here's what I have in the text field of my notice in the ACP: Welcome to Squat the...
  8. Sheldon

    Unmaintained Smilie Category Display

    Alright, this came up because I wanted to use my "Meme Smilies" in only one area. I didn't want to display them in a tab in messages here, or even on the "Help" page for that matter. So, I put out some bounties, and came up with this. First, you'll need to do two template edits. Open up the...
  9. Sheldon

    Smilie Category Display

    Sheldon submitted a new resource: Smilie Category Display - Show the ones you want, where you want.... Read more about this resource...
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