1. Azaly

    XF 2.1 How long trophies would update after changing

    Some of my trophies was based on user's gender, so I have to change trophies after upgrading to latest version from XF1.5. I did it, rebuild trophies cache and now for about 36h my cpu usage was grow twice or even thrice when cron job is running (I'm using CLI Job Runner). How long this...
  2. cjesuele

    Massive XF_SEARCH_INDEX - Help - Search Function Not Needed

    Hello! My site's index.php (basically runs XenForo) is intermittently running extremely high CPU usage, which locks up my site for a minute or so. I have disabled XenForo's user-based search function, as I don't need that functionality on my site. XF_SEARCH_INDEX is by far my largest...
  3. bloop

    Server Decision Between CPU VS RAM

    I'm planning to upgrade to a new server and run a nginx set up (no more cPanel and Apache). I will be consolidating 4 websites onto one dedicated server. The server will run 1 Xenforo forum 100-200 concurrent users, 3 Opencart stores (total 800-1000 visits everyday), I was deciding between the...
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