1. Sebastiaan

    More user settings like xf

    More user settings on category's and allow/disallow to play the media. Category view access but not allow to enter rights. It's now very basic to control users on specific category. Integrate rights like XF allready have! Thx in advance
  2. T

    Not a bug White Screen on Admin Control Panel

    I have completed the installation. The board works well. Until I go to the control panel. I only get white screen. I just installed the forums. Could you help me.
  3. Amaury

    Fixed Title Text on Highlighted Active State Hard to See in ACP Search

    Goes hand-in-hand with my other report: Description Text on Active State Hard to See on ACP Search When you first search for something in the ACP, the first item in the list is highlighted. When you click it, right before it changes to the actual active state background color when you release...
  4. Amaury

    Fixed Description Text on Active State Hard to See in ACP Search

    As title. (When clicking.) Don't remember this being an issue before 1.5.0. alertExpiryDays