1. ShikiSuen

    [ShikiSuen] Chinese HTML Lang Tag Fix 2.1.9

    This plugin is to fix outdated HTML language tags for Chinese locals choosable in XenForo 2.0-2.1 (maybe newer XenForo versions as long as devs leave this issue unfixed). Otherwise, they may trigger font fallback problems with modern browsers like Safari. It dynamically replaces the one in the...
  2. ShikiSuen

    Chinese & Japanese Search using NGRAM only.

    Chinese & Japanese Search using NGRAM (without Xenforo Enhanced Search and Elasticsearch) Considering that this method may scramble the integrity of the keywords, please quote the keywords using half-width quotation marks prior to performing a search. Xenforo Enhanced Search (Xf-ES) and...
  3. snowman

    Chinese Pop-Up Ads Appearing

    I'm having a strange problem where Chinese Pop-Up ads are appearing on the bottom right side of my screen when I read forums running XenForo. It seems to occur mostly when I am reading threads. The ads appear after reading a few pages of them. If I minimize it, it disappears but will pop up...
  4. mailshuxin

    Unmaintained Simplified Chinese 1.5

    Simplified Chinese Language Packs