1. ShikiSuen

    Chinese & Japanese Search using NGRAM only.

    Chinese & Japanese Search using NGRAM (without Xenforo Enhanced Search and Elasticsearch) Xenforo Enhanced Search (Xf-ES) and Elasticsearch are made for huge forums. It is not financially optimized to buy them for small forums. Since some retail users bought Xf-ES only for their purposes of...
  2. snowman

    Chinese Pop-Up Ads Appearing

    I'm having a strange problem where Chinese Pop-Up ads are appearing on the bottom right side of my screen when I read forums running XenForo. It seems to occur mostly when I am reading threads. The ads appear after reading a few pages of them. If I minimize it, it disappears but will pop up...
  3. mailshuxin

    Unmaintained Simplified Chinese 1.5

    Simplified Chinese Language Packs