1. Ouard

    Fixed Import vBulletin encoding / charset problem

    Hello, We are changing from vBulletin 4 to Xenforo. You did a great job ! However, we have a problem with version XenForo 2.0.1. Our database VB is encoded in latin1_swedish_ci. During first import with version 2.0.0, there was no encoding problem for posts, threads, forums... We tried an...
  2. Fred.

    Not planned Charset & collation options in config.php

    I would like to have the option to change charset and collation, it would be easy if we could set it in config.php // do not change unless you converted your db to the right charset - collation $config['db'][‘charset'] = ‘utf8mb4’; $config['db'][‘collation'] = ‘utf8mb4_general_ci';